As an American, and self-described documentarian, I try to make sense of what it means to live at this moment in time. Today our world seems to be particularly fragile, and the crush of information that storms our screened devices has made life scary, cluttered and seemingly complicated. Out of this fast-paced emotional tide, I try to examine the common fears, anxieties, joys and struggles that we share.

Inspired by pop culture, advertising, self-help gurus, secrets and gossip, new and old technologies, comic novels, and the things we throw away, I like to tell stories of triumph, celebration, humanity, sadness, beauty, decay, vulnerability, energy, and urgency. These stories can be told via paintings, constructions, or through community experiences.

The way I tell stories is not perfect, and the documentation can be quite messy, but I hope my work finds humor and empathy in all of life’s fragility. I thrill in constructing stories that have a universal message, but are also leave the participant open to insert their story based on their personal experiences.